Our Special Diwali cookies!

     The upcoming Diwali or Deepavali season calls for endless amounts of colour and illumination as Hindus, Jains, and Sikhs begin to decorate their homes & living spaces with  Rangoli and Diyas as they celebrate the symbolic spiritual "victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance". 

    At the same time, houses begin to be filled with Indian delicacies, especially its sweet treats such as Gulab Jamun, Laddu and Kaju Katli as these are commonly served during the 5-day festival. Reading and hearing about these dishes eventually inspired us to create a special cookie flavour that incorporates these elements with the hopes of sharing the love and light with everyone!

Image shows our new limited edition crunchy cookie flavour, the Vanilla Chai Latte cookies in its new canister packaging

  After some research and development, we eventually came up with the Chai Latte Cookies! A lovely blend of Chai and our original chocolate chip cookie base. Chai or Masala Chai is translated as "Mixed-spice tea" and like its name, is an Indian tea beverage that is made with black tea and boiling milk, that tea is eventually mixed with a blend of herbs and spices. These spices would include cardamom seeds, cinnamon and the star or anise. 

Image shows a cup of Chai, where said image was taken from above. There are sticks of cinnamon on the bottom left

  For our special cookies, we did not actually steep any teas but we used Chai powder that already has a blend of the necessary herbs and spices and combined it together with our crunchy cookie base. We had tried a wide variety of cookie flavour combinations with the Chai but eventually landed the Original Chocolate Chip as we felt the richness and sweetness from said flavour balances out really well with the fragrance from the Chai powder. 

Image shows a few pieces of our Chai Latte cookies along with loose pieces of Cinnamon sticks and Star of Anise

     In the spirit of giving as well, we have also come up with a few gift boxes that you can get on our website today!

Image shows 2 of The Skinny Bakers' gift boxes within kraft box Image shows one of The Skinny Bakers' premium Diwali giftboxes, which also contain the teas from The Tea Republic.

You can view our full Diwali selections by clicking here!

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