Sending to many recipients can be overwhelming, but we're here to make it easier for you !

With The Skinny Bakers, you may place your multiple recipients order through our website with just one payment checkout - so you no longer have to make multiple transactions for each of the many recipients you wish to give gifts for !

Alternatively, our Customer Happiness team can also assist in processing your order for you. All we need is the recipient details (name, phone number and address) via excel sheet - and we'll sort it all out for you.

How to place an order with multiple addresses on our website:

Website step-by-step guide to order for multiple recipients:

1. Add ALL the baked goods you'd like to purchase to be delivered to your recipients

2. Click on your cart and choose the amount of items you'd like to have delivered to each recipient

3. If you'd like to add in messages to your order, you may add in your cart based on the recipients address and names

4. Once you're done key-ing in all the details, you may proceed to check out using any payment method you prefer

Still too much of a headache? We're here for you,

Let us know what are the items you're interested with, OR the budget you have in mind. With the recipients details, we'll sort it out for you.

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  • 1) Recipient Details

    Recipient details includes the following:

    1) Name of Recipient

    2) Phone Number

    3) Address

  • 2) Product Order

    Let us know the items or bundles you have in mind. Alternatively, you can let us know the budget you'd like to work with and our team can suggest accordingly.

  • 3) Delivery Arrangements

    Delivery arrangements are as follows:

    1) Delivery by post or dispatch rider

    2) Specific delivery date if any

we're here for the best cookie-gifting experience with us. Here's a few tips that might help,

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order different bundles for different recipients?

Yes you may. You can let us know the items you'd like to have delivered to the respective recipients and our team will process them accordingly.

Does the FREESHIPPING voucher applies to each recipient?

The FREESHIPPING voucher only applies for a delivery address purchase RM 80 and above per stop. It doesn't apply for the total bill of RM 80 overall.

Are the messages customisable to recipients?

We love gifting ! So yes, you can send different messages for different recipients in order for them as part of the personalisation/customisation gifting experience with us.

How will you arrange for delivery?

For recipients outside Klang Valley, we will arrange for delivery by courier (usually with DHL).

For recipients within Klang Valley, we will arrange for deliveries by dispatch rider (Lalamove).

To contact us via email: