Customised Edible Printed Cookies

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What is an Edible Printed Cookie? 

It's a butter cookie shortbread base with edible printed icing using edible ink. The designs are printed using a non-commercial printer but will usually print based on colours closest to the design provided. Your design can get as creative as possible with Edible Printed Cookies !

Edible Printing

Customised Cookie Cutters

If there is a required shape for the cookie base, we will customise the Cookie Cutters to fit the exact shape of the design of the cookie - it can even be a unicorn's horn cookie cutter design !


Let us know more about the following details:

  • Size, Shape & Quantity of Cookies
  • Delivery or Pick Up date 

How to place an order?

  • Order must be made at least 5 days earlier
  • Reach out to us through Whatsapp or email (provide us with your design/logo and we will update you on the quotation)
  • Whatsapp : +6017-5003216
  • Email :
  • No refund or change of design can be made after confirmation and payment

Price List Guide

The price list is to be used only as a guide for your pricing reference.

 Size (cm) Price per piece (RM) MOQ (pieces)*
 4  4  20
5 8 14
6 12 8
7 16 6
8 20 4
9 24 2
10 28 1


Got a tight budget? Let us know your budget and we'll do our best to work with it :)

Note: Price might vary based on cookie cutter size and shape of the cookie. Should there be any extra charges, our team will inform you upon providing the quotation.

*MOQ = Minimum Order Quantity

Edible Printed

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do you charge extra for complex designs? 

No we don't charge based on colours. Price varies based on the size of the cookie and should there be any customised shape cookie cutter, there will be only 1 time charge for cookie cutter

2. What is a Customised Shape Cookie Cutter? 

A customised shape cookie cutter is a cookie cutter printed using a 3D printer that follows the shape of the cookie if you'd like your cookies to be cut into a certain shape (i.e. Teddy Bear, Unicorns). This is because typically the market only provides cookie cutters for generic shapes such as round or square or rectangle and they only come in a certain size. Should you require a shape or a particular size that is not available ready stock (note - we do keep tonnes of cookie cutters with us too!), then we would require a Customised Shape Cookie Cutter to be printed in order to cut the cookie based on the shape or design you have in mind.

3. The cookies tend to be a bit pricy, why so?

This is mainly because the cookies are printed using a Edible Printed Sheets and Edible Printing Ink. For a customised shape (not the usual round or square designs), they most of the time are cut using laser cutters. 

3. Is it safe to post ?

Edible Printed Cookies are generally quite fragile, we do not recommend for these cookies to be sent via post. But should you require for these cookies to be delivered by post, we will try our best to bubble wrap the cookies in order for them to be delivered safely.

4. How long do these cookies last for?

They are best consumed within 1 month.

5. Is it vegetarian or Halal?

Our cookies are not vegan friendly as they do contain eggs and dairy. As for Halal, our kitchen is currently undergoing Halal application hence all ingredients used in our baked goods are Halal certified.


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