Introducing New Raya Eid Cookie Flavours

Another Raya season calls for another round of remixing local flavours and incorporate them into our cookies! This year, we decided to not have one, not two, but three special cookie flavours for you to try this Ramadan and Eid. These have gone through multiple trials and development (at a very tight time frame we would add) to ensure we get the best tasting cookies to you! So without further ado, may we introduce you to our three Raya Flavours to you:


Pandan Gula Melaka

.     Alright, this is kind of a cop-out because if you don't know, we actually did these cookies during Ramadan and Eid of last year. However, the response to them were wonderful and it was a very delicious cookie so it was a no brainer to bring them back again this year! Made with high quality pandan essence and granulated Gula Melaka powder, these cookies will ensure to bring you back to memories of when you were walking around your local pasar Ramadhan or Ramadan market and you catching a whiff of the kuih-muih such as kuih ketayap, onde-onde and putu bambu.

Cornflakes Gula Apong

        Cornflake Cookies are indeed a big staple during the season and customers are always clamoring over them come Raya time. For this year, we decided to put a twist to it by incorporating Gula Apong into them! What is Gula Apong you may ask? Well, it is a type of sugar that is derived from the sap of the Nipa Palm Tree, a tree that grows abundantly in the coastal areas of Sarawak. It has a sticky consistency and has a naturally sweet taste that isn't as strong as white and brown sugar. The cornflakes and Gula Apong are mixed together along with our super special cookie dough and baked to perfection to be delivered right at your doorstep!


Cocoa Almond Cookies (Limited Edition)

.       These Cocoa Almond cookies are a bit of a unique one if we were to say so ourselves. This is the only Raya cookies where we did not actually incorporate any local ingredients but instead decided to do our own twist of a Raya staple the London Almond, the chocolate flavoured biscuits with almonds on top. To make it ours, we've decided to instead incorporate dark cocoa powder and almond bits into our cookie batter giving a distinctive chocolatey taste.  But word of the wise, a little birdy told us there's limited amounts of these cookies within the inventory so we definitely suggest to get yours now before it's too late!

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