Incorporating Fruits into our Cookies

Our Matcha Yuzu Stuffed Cookie is here!

.   Our Matcha Yuzu Stuffed Cookie has finally arrived but it didn't come with its challenges of course. Incorporating fruits into cookies and baked goods in general can be a little complicated at times so we decided to dedicate today's post to this!


   First things first, it is important to note that we don't actually directly incorporate fruit into a baked good. Why you may ask? Well, that's because fruits already have a very high water content, which would mean aa few things:

1. Cooking fruit with heat can cause the cells of the fruit to leak and soften

2. This can then lead to increase the dough's overall water content that will eventually affect the baked good

3. Baked goods with high water concentration can greatly shorten its shelf life, so if you intend on keeping them for a little while longer, baking with fresh fruits would not help. 

 Alternatively, if you do wish on incorporating fruits directly you may consider either using dried fruits or freeze dried fruits! However, note that the latter does have the tendency to burn easily when baked so we would recommend blending the dry fruit into powder form before incorporating.

Image shows 2 lemons, one on each side with a trail of Yuzu flavoured Valrhona chips connecting the two

Alternative Options

.  Alternatively, we recommend to try and use fruit incorporated mediums such as jams and chocolates. The latter is definitely a popular substitute here at The Skinny Bakers. Our Raspberry Double Chocolate Stuffed Cookie had us use a melted down raspberry flavoured Valrhona chocolate chunks as our stuffing and for this time around, we are using Yuzu flavoured Valrhona chunks for our new LIMITED EDITION  Matcha Yuzu Stuffed Cookie, which we definitely recommend for you to give it a try!

Image shows a slice of The Skinny Bakers' Matcha Yuzu Stuffed Cookie

 In conclusion, there are many ways for you to incorporate fruits into your baked goods and we definitely encourage you to give it a try! But if you find yourself a bit anxious to give it a go, might we suggest for you to try other fruit infused baked goodies out there like our recent Matcha Yuzu Stuffed Cookie....hehehehehe

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