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It's the time of the year again - when we love giving gifts, or receiving them...

Gifting for Raya

But you want each recipient to receive gifts that feels personalised or curated to them. We've got you covered. 

Here are 6 Customisation Options we can do for you:

1. Customised Boxes

Customised Boxes for Gifting


If you're looking to have the whole box designed for you, just send us ideas or inspirations you've found on Instagram, Pinterest or even Google and our designer will design the customised box for you, free of charge ! 

Minimum Order Quantity: 400 pieces

 2. Customised Wish Cards

Customised Cards for Gifting
We know designing cards can be quite challenging too, but that's why we're here ! Let our team know the event or the purpose of the gift, including the theme and the message you'd like to add in, and we'll come up with a few designs for you to pick from. 


3. Customised Sleeves

Customised Sleeves for Gifting

If you'd like the whole box to be covered but with only a slight peek of the box, here's another option for you. 

We highly recommend this option if you're looking to have a personalised look for the whole box for smaller orders as they do not have a minimum order quantity requirement. So if you're looking for customised gifts that shouts your branding, this is definitely your go to packaging option for customisation. 

4. Choice of Ribbon Colour

We've got too many ribbon options to choose from to be honest but we'll simplify them for you:

  • Let us know the colour you'd like to have and if you have a particular shade to work with
  • We usually only provide satin ribbons but if you need the ribbon texture to be ribbed, do let us know and we'll do our best to source them 
  • Double Criss-Cross Ribbon or Single Tie Ribbon, your choice !
  • Size of the Ribbon 
Double Criss Cross Ribbon on Gift boxes
(Double Criss Cross Ribbon with 0.5 cm Fuschia Satin Ribbon)


5. Choice of Filler Colour

Customisable Ribbon Options

We loooooove fillers - they make the whole box look a whole lot prettier ! 

Crepe Paper Options for Gifting

There are just so many vibrant colours available as fillers but here's some of the colours we have available for you to pick from.

6. Customised Cookie Packaging

Customisable Cookie Packaging

Above is a reference photo client of ours (Hoolah) wanted both their Soft Cookies and Cookie Canisters customised for their company's anniversary as part of their gift to hundreds of their users - and so we made it happen for them !

Find out more with us at +60175003216 or send us an email at hello@theskinnybakers.com

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When we feel the need to make someone feel loved and special, we instantly think about surprising them with something they like. It can be a certain kind of perfume, flowers, favorite food items or customised gifts.

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