6 Malaysian Brands we Recommend for Gifting!

   It’s almost Malaysia Day and we wanted to dedicate today’s post to some of the small local businesses that create and produce cool items for gifting! As an aspiring gifting business ourselves, we are always on the lookout for inspiration and have encountered so many wonderful cool brands that we wanted to share with you:


  1. Soapan Santun
Image shows one of Soapan Santun's handmade soap selections

   This brand is the brainchild of married couple Anna Lee and Louis Koh and they specialize in producing handmade soaps and cleaning bars out of used cooking oil.

     Their products are all handmade by themselves and they use paper packaging as to reduce the amount of plastic waste and have garnered quite the audience on TikTok with 18.9k followers and over 650k likes!

      They also take in custom orders if you’re wanting to get corporate or door gifts!

     You can find them on their website and shopee!


Image shows Zaahara's modest clothing selections

   Zaahara specializes in producing Muslim women’s prayer wear as well as modest attire. The brainchild of another married couple, Erina and Anas, the brand’s objective is to produce comfortable and convenient praying (otherwise known as the telekung) and modest attire that would allow the Metropolitan Muslim woman move around, yet still attend to their prayers with great ease!

You can make your order directly via their website here

 3. LokalKandle

Image taken from LokalKandle's instagram page displaying their candles

      There have been quite a number of new local candle brands that have popped up in the last few years but one that has stood out to us is LokalKandle and from the look of their instagram page you would know why! Not only do they produce scented candles, but they also craft them in fun geometric shapes and colours as well!

     You can make your order directly via their Instagram direct message here


  1. The Candle Hour

Image comes from The Candle Hour Shopee page and it shows a lady lighting a candle from the mentioned brand

A little more traditional than LokalKandle, The Candle Hour aims to create high quality and affordable candles with the hopes of increasing accessibility to relaxation products to a wider audience.

   Despite only establishing themselves back in 2020, the candle brand has produced a wide range of scented candles and already have their own showroom in Tamarind Square, Cyberjaya.

     The best part is, they also take in customizable orders for door gifts as well!

     You can order directly via their website or Shopee store.


  1. Cocoraw Confectionery
Image shows one of Cocoraw's chocolate truffle selections


 Cocoraw is unique in the sense that they are one of the few local brands producing chocolates, more specifically chocolate truffles. Chocolate truffles are traditionally considered one of the more expensive confectioneries that people tend to buy on special occasions, but Cocoraw has their truffles at more accessible prices with their chocolates starting from RM 19.

       A lot of their truffles are also infused with well-known Malaysian ingredients such as Gula Melaka and The Tarik to give it more of a local flair!

     You can order directly via their website here.

  1. The Skinny Bakers (Us! Hehe)


     You think we wouldn’t end this post without giving a little personal shout out do you? If you haven’t known this before, but we here at The Skinny Bakers specialize in producing decadent cookies with a wide range of flavours and options! The best part is, we also can attend to customizable orders for a wide range of occasions, from 1000+ wedding doorgifts all the way to <10 personalised cookie gift boxes for your loved ones! Find out more on how you can curate your own door gifts with us by clicking here!

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