What is an Edible Printed Cookie?

What is an Edible Printed Cookie?
Images are being printed on an
'A4 Edible Printed Paper' using
'Edible Ink' based on the images
provided. The images are then attached
to butter cookies using 'Edible Glue'
and sealed individually in plastic

Am I able to print any designs?

Yes you may ! The best part is - you can even send us actual photos or let our team do the creative works for you.

Looking to download our Edible Printed Cookies Catalogue?

Click on the link below for an easy access to share as well as price list guide for your reference and perusal - but do not hesitate to contact us further should you have any other inquiries, we'd be happy to help !

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Customised Shape Cookie Cutter?

A customised shape cookie cutter is a cookie cutter printed using a 3D printer that follows the shape of the cookie if you'd like your cookies to be cut into a certain shape (i.e. Teddy Bear, Unicorns). This is because typically the market only provides cookie cutters for generic shapes such as round or square or rectangle and they only come in a certain size. Should you require a shape or a particular size that is not available ready stock (note - we do keep tonnes of cookie cutters with us too!), then we would require a Customised Shape Cookie Cutter to be printed in order to cut the cookie based on the shape or design you have in mind.

How long do these cookies last for?

They are best consumed within 1 month.

Is it safe to be delivered by post/courier?

We highly do not recommend these cookies to be delivered by post or courier as these cookies are highly fragile. However, there is no buttercream or icing involved in the process so they do not melt at room temperature or slightly warm weather.

Are the cookies vegan or Halal certified?

We are currently undergoing Halal certification but unfortunately all our cookies are not vegan at the moment

Is there a Minimum Order Quantity? (MOQ)

Nope, we proudly print our own prints and bake our cookies in house so we are able to accomodate to low MOQs.

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