What's The Tea- A Short Post About Baking with Teas!!

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Another day, another tea-riffic news! hehe! In our Anniversary month we're bringing back a few of our past faves including our Earl Grey White Chocolate Stuffed Cookie!  A deliciously soft cookie filled with Earl Grey tea infused creamy white chocolate inside! 

But bringing back this cookie was no easy work. As some of you bake enthusiasts know, trying to incorporate teas into baked goods can be a little difficult as teas generally don't have a very strong flavour! Hence, you would not be able to have a proper taste of the tea when you're taking the first bite! 

So we've come up with a few tips on how you can include teas into your baked goods!:

Infuse it with butter

Image shows dried tea leaves being placed in melted butter. Image taken from teathoughts.com

  This is common when trying to bake either cake or cookies. One would usually melt down the butter on the stove and will add either tea leaves or tea powder and simmer it for about 10 to 15 minutes. As tea flavours tend to be milder, it is advised to add more tea leaves (between 8 to 12g) in order to get the taste!

Steeping into milk

   As per the title, the method is pretty straightforward. Warm some milk over low heat on a stovetop until it becomes steamy and proceed to add a few tea leaves and powder and let it steep for about 10-30 minutes. do not rush the process and heat it using high heat as it will cause the milk to curdle!

Incorporate it with water

.  This method is especially popular when wanting to create a glaze to pour over your baked goods! Simply steep a water+sugar mixture with the tea. For an especially strong tea flavour.


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