United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and The Skinny Bakers!

As part of an ever-evolving business in Malaysia, we’re not only committed to growth within the company itself but also dedicated to fulfilling the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for the country.

   What’s that you might ask? Well the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are basically a set of objectives set by the UN in order to end poverty, tackle climate change and ensure peace and prosperity worldwide!

       Image shows the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. with Goal 8 being circled in blue to highlight its importance to the blog post         

  Image: The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals     


   There are a total of 17 goals, which include *Decent Work and Economic Growth or otherwise known as Goal 8, which The Skinny Bakers are also trying to aspire towards. This particular goal mainly focuses on promoting sustainable and inclusive economic growth as well as providing productive and full employment as well as decent work for all.

       The goal mentioned covers a few facets, which include trying to achieve higher levels better economic productivity by diversifying, upgrading technologically and constantly innovating! We’ve done this by moving our business through e-commerce such as establishing our own website, where customers can make their order and have the option of having that order delivered directly as well as providing our cookies through third-party platforms such as Grab, Shopee and Cake Together. As a result, our cookies are made more accessible to our customers near and far and as a result have increased our exposure and sales!

     Another part of the goal aims to tackle achieving complete and productive employment for all, which include young people and persons with disabilities and ensure said work is compensated with pay that is equal amount to said work. We are a fairly small company, but we always aim to ensure that people who come and work for us are paid properly and we always try to provide the opportunity to young people especially to come and work for us and always ensure that our staff are treated fairly. We are not necessarily perfect in this area but we always strive to do better in that aspect as well.

     In the end, The Skinny Bakers are always striving to do better not only within the company itself but towards the society as a whole and we understand that one way to do so is to commit to the Sustainable Development Goals because we believe that only aspiring success for the company alone is never truly supportable in the long run.


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