Our cookie canisters and its designs !

- Its almost been a year since we've rebranded our packaging, and we thought we'd share with you some of the stories behind our cookie canisters and it's intricate details we try to put onto every canister's design.
Cookie Canister - Milo Chocolate Chip Cookies
Notice the dinosaurs we have on our milo cookie canisters? We had an illustrator create a graphic of a dinosaur kicking a football around ! Inspired by the idea of our Malaysian signature mamak drink - Milo Dinosaur, this is definitely one of the designs we are proud to have come up with as a local brand. 
Cookie Canister - Double Chocolate Chip Cookies 
Did you know that the history of chocolate derives back from Pagans, Aztec and Mayan culture ? We couldn't help but to include their logo on the packaging resembling them too because we love chocolates with hopes that we love them as much as they do ! 
Reference: https://www.chocolatemonthclub.com/chocolate-history
Cookie Canister - Pandan Gula Melaka Cookies
On the packaging, we've included the littlest details that makes our beautiful Malacca the historical city it is today ! 
Cookie Canister - Macadamia White Chocolate Chip Cookies
Bet you didn't know this but, one of the bird that loves Macadamia most is actually the Hyacinth Macaw bird....interesting....
Anyways, can't wait to be sharing more details on each canisters design in our future upcoming posts ! Till next time. 
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