All You Need to Know about Our French Butter Cookies

Have you tried our French Butter cookies? We at the Skinny Bakers will never  forget the enchanting fragrance that was released during its baking process. The sweetness of the fragrance brings us back to the memory of young love.

Image taken from Vector Stock, showing an image of a cartoon sentient butter with heart eyes


Allow us to explain a little bit about our French Butter cookies. The ingredients that we used are the same as any butter cookies with the exception of the butter itself! As you've probably guessed from the name itself, We use French Butter, or Lescure Butter to be exact!

Did you know that French butter has a higher fat content compared to the American butter? But that's not the main reason as to why we choose French butter to make our butter cookies. French butter has a more flavoursome tang due to it being cultured European-style with pasteurised cream. To put it simply live active cultures were added to the cream before the butter is churned.

If you haven't tried our French Butter cookie yet, then we suggest you to try it out and share your reviews with us. For those that have tried our French Butter cookies, please don't be shy. Do know that we are always excited to hear from you. You can buy them by clicking here

Image shows our French Butter Cookies in their Cookie Bag form



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