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What’s the secret to gifting a batch of baked goods? It’s simple really: pretty presentation. Food gifts are always a favorite, and beautiful packaging makes them so fun! You don’t have to be a master baker to invent a thoughtful food gift. (If the packaging is creative, who will even notice if the cookies aren’t homemade!?) We’ve made it easy for you to amp up your cookie-gifting game with these 30 cute cookie-wrapping ideas.


1. White Gable Boxes : A simple white bakery box transforms into a glamorous gift with the addition of a ribbon and a personalized gift tag. So cute!


2. Paper Plate Baskets: Food-safe dye transforms ordinary paper plates into stylish storage. (We don’t know about you, but we’re conjuring up a billion uses for these brilliant baskets!) (via Design Mom)


3. Striped Bakery Boxes: Show up with this bakery box in hand and everyone will definitely be intrigued. Delivering the box is almost as fun as eating the cookies inside!


4. Glass Mason Jars: Display your unmistakably delicious goods proudly — in a shiny glass jar. We recommend stacking the cookies between layers of wax paper to ensure that they don’t stick together. (via Made From Scratch)


5. Chevron Mini Gable Box : Gift your goods in style! Gable boxes are all the rage at the moment.


6. Repurposed Paper Milk Carton: Cookies and milk… well, they’re inseparable! Repurpose an old milk carton into a gorgeous cookie giftable. Who knew that this pairing could be so glam? (via BHG)


7. Free DIY Cookie Bag Printable: We’re excited about these cookie wrappers that aren’t only cute, but are also free printables! Wrap your cookie in cling wrap first to keep it extra fresh. (via Love from Ginger)


8. Birch Log Pringles Canister: Don’t toss that Pringles can just yet! Printable birch log paper can transform a canister into a cozy container for your edibles. Totally cute! (via Sense and Simplicity)


9. Printable Cookie Gift Bag: Help yourself. Have a cookie! There’s something extra snackable about a cookie in a sack that literally invites munching. (via Spoon Fork Bacon)


10. Paper Bag Cookie Packaging: Brown paper packages tied up with string — add this to our list of favorite things! While this DIY is actually in German, the photo tutorial is easy to follow. (via Tabula Rosi)


11. Parchment Paper Wrapping: The secret is out. Parchment paper is now sold in rounds. This is a total game-changer for the baking world and makes cookie wrapping a cinch. (via A Creative Mint)


12. Gingham Ribbon Cookie Wrap: This gingham-wrapped stack is proof that handing out a cookie gift doesn’t have to be complicated. (via Meadow Girl)


13. DIY Folded Paper Cookie Gift Box: Emerge from your kitchen with something totally stellar. And shareable. Because you want to share… at least, you’ll want to share when the cookie box looks this impressive. (via It’s Always Autumn)


14. Cellophane and Fabric Bow Cookie Packaging: Your cookies have baked up beautifully. They deserve an equally stunning presentation. May we suggest a bit of cellophane with fabric bows? It’s simple, but totally sweet. (via Heather Bullard)


15. One Smart Cookie Packaging: Use a free printable to make a smart cookie wrap and prove your cleverness to teacher — er, make your teacher feel smarter. Wait… what? This giftable makes everyone look smart ;) (via One Charming Party)


16. DIY Paper Bow Cookie Wrap: Just in time for spring, a colorful bow blooms to adorn your cookie wrap. This bundle can also make a beautiful edible place card for a spring table. (via The Elli Blog)


17. CD Sleeve Cookie Favors: CD sleeves do double duty. Slide a cookie inside and add a pop of color with a bow or gift tag. Perfect for the music lover in your life! (via HGTV)


18. Recycled Egg Carton Cookie Packaging: It doesn’t get much more inexpensive than an egg carton! It makes the perfect cookie cradle for small bites. Jazz it up a bit with some cellophane — and ribbon. Just genius! (Note: If you’re worried about reusing egg cartons, you can purchase new ones quite inexpensively online.) (via My Recipes)


19. Muffin Pan Cookie Gifting: A muffin tin loaded up with cookies will outdo any other hostess gift. Because everyone enjoys a good cookie and no one can have too many muffin tins. (via Texas Cottage)


20. Sweet Heart Lace Favor Boxes : Imagine one of these stunning little boxes, loaded with baked goods and dropped discreetly on your doorstep or desk. Sweet! With the help of these bakery boxes, you have the power to make someone’s day awesome.


21. Baked Goods Gift Tags: Ease your mind and clear your thoughts. There’s no guesswork in food gifting with these retro-cool free printable baked goods tags. (via Love Vs. Design)


22. Waxed Paper Bag With Handwritten Note: Here’s what we’re doing: folding wax paper, slapping on some tape, adding cookies, writing a personal note and BOOM! We’re a food gift expert. (You can be too!) (via BHG)


23. Ribbon Wrapped Baking Pan: Arrange your tasty treats inside a basic foil pan and let a bit of tissue paper and some ribbon work magic. The lucky recipient can reuse the pan after they’ve enjoyed the treats! (via BHG)


24. Cookie Dough for Gifting: No cookie crumbles here! Less work for you and less mess all around when you gift cookie dough to your friends. (Baking cookies are basically edible air fresheners, so your friends will enjoy them twice!)  (via No. 2 Pencil)


25. Color Dot Handle Box : The only thing that can top your best cookie recipe is the cutest-ever cookie box. This one is pretty adorable (and so perfect for spring!).


26. Envelope Enclosed Platter: A few folds and a piece of corrugated paper are all it takes to create a handy dandy envelope for your cookie platter. Add ribbon to spiffy the packaging up a bit. (via BHG)


27. Doily-Wrapped Baking Pan: A pan of cookies becomes a romantic present when enveloped with a frilly paper doily. Tie with a decorative bow for a festive finishing touch. (via BHG)


28. Cookie Packaging: Colorful wax paper makes single-cookie packaging a cinch. (via Oh Happy Day)


29. Twine-Wrapped Treat Bags: Don’t hide your pretty confections under a box or paper bag! Cellophane-wrapped cookies are delightfully shareable… and irresistible. Help yourself to a cookie (or a handful)! (via Bakerella)


30. Milk Truck Cookie Box : Special Delivery! Who wouldn’t want to receive a package from this whimsical little milk truck box?

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