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The Skinny Bakers x Love Earth

Raya Premium Gift Set (The Skinny Bakers x Love Earth)

Raya Premium Gift Set (The Skinny Bakers x Love Earth)

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Raya Premium Gift Set: Elevate Your Celebration with The Skinny Bakers & Love Earth! 🎊

Each Gift set includes:

1x Dried Prunes (180g) -  Embrace the tradition of enjoying dried fruits during Raya, symbolizing prosperity and abundance for the coming year. 

1x Lightly Roasted Almond (350g) -  Crunch into the goodness of lightly roasted almonds, a classic snack perfect for sharing with family and friends as you gather to celebrate. 

1x Five Grain Cracker (100g) -  Savor the crispy delight of our five-grain crackers, a modern twist on traditional snacks that adds a wholesome touch to your Raya spread. 

5x Granolove Snack Packs (35g each): 

  • Nutty Banananana - Experience the fusion of flavors reminiscent of Raya, with the nuttiness of bananas invoking memories of home-cooked delights.
  • Chocoholic Cherry - Indulge in the decadence of chocolate and cherries, a luxurious treat that embodies the spirit of celebration.
  • Wholesome Apricot - Enjoy the sweet tanginess of apricots, a refreshing addition to your festive feast.
  • Hearty Quinoa Cranberry - Elevate your Raya snacking with the goodness of quinoa and cranberries, offering a burst of nutrition and flavor.
  • Almond Toffee Bites - Delight in the rich flavors of almond toffee, reminiscent of traditional Raya sweets, in convenient bite-sized portions.

1x The Skinny Bakers Cornflakes Gula Apong Cookies: Rediscover the joy of Raya cookies with a local twist, as these cornflake cookies infused with Gula Apong offer a taste of home and heritage. 

1x The Skinny Bakers Macadamia White Chocolate Chip Cookies: Indulge in the luxurious combination of macadamia nuts and white chocolate chips, a modern interpretation of classic Raya cookies that promises to please every palate. 


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We have many different sizes for both our Brown Kraft and Premium White Boxes. You may choose as many goods as you'd like for one recepient and add the choice of boxes you'd like into cart for us to pack them into a gift box.

We do not provide any receipts upon delivery in order.

Cookie Care

Storage: Store in a cool dry place and air-tight container for optimum product freshness.

Freshness and Quality Guaranteed: We know you'll love these delicious cookies! However, if you find that they're not to your liking, we want to know right away. We promise to make things right and will do whatever it takes to ensure customer satisfaction. Please contact our support team to ask any questions or raise any concerns regarding the quality of our products. 

- Freshness and Quality Guaranteed

- Delivered within 2-4 days from our kitchen straight to your doorstep

- Baked in our Central Kitchen

This fresh, premium cookie is just another way to spread a little joy and happiness throughout the world.

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For a purchase of 3 cookie canisters and above, use the code: YAYCOOKIES to get 10% off for your cookie canisters :)

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